Staff Label grouping for sketch instruments

In the settings I set all options to group names, but this doesn’t work for Sketch instruments apparently, as you see in the picture. I want the Percussion also to be divided into 1 and 2 but with only one group name “Percussion”. Is this intended and if so, can I change it?

Condensing doesn’t work for Percussion instruments, so it doesn’t work for Sketch Percussion either. It works fine for regular Sketch instruments though.

If you use a 1-line non-percussion instrument, then it works, especially if you’re just using it as a sketch. There are doricolib files and walkthroughs on the forum on how to do this, just search.

If this is a sketch, is it crucially important how the percussion names are formatted? Clearly, it would be nice to be able to get exactly what one wants. Is this sketch going to be submitted somewhere?