Staff label instrument numbering - formatting inconsistent

Unfortunately Trumpets and Wagner Tuba in Bb show the numering (1 2) left right next to each other instead of top-bottom like in the rest of the score. How to remedy this?

Bonus question: why don’t the wagner tubas have this little extra bracket after condensing (like the trumpets do)

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Take a look at the Staff Labels page of Engraving Options, where you can find options for the stacking of staff labels when stem allocation is taken into account.

Thank you!

And how do I get the little sub brackets on the wagner tubes too?

As the picc also has those, even tho it’s just a single instrument. It seems a bit random which instruments get those and which not

Check your bracket and brace settings for this layout in Library > Layout Options > Brackets and Braces. There’s an option for whether or not to show a sub-bracket when only one staff in the sub-bracketed group appears in the system.

If none of the default bracketing approaches put sub-brackets on Wagner tubas, you can add a bracket change at the start of the flow (or wherever is appropriate) in Engrave mode, provided you have Dorico Pro. Just remember that bracket and barline overrides lock the current formulation of brackets and braces in place, so if you later add extra instruments etc and encounter unexpected bracketing, the brown signposts for bracket/barline changes could be why.

Thank you, that last one solved it!