Staff Labels alignment

Hi, is it possible to choose a minimum space between the staff label name and the staff label number so that the score can be more precise and avoid what is happening in the next picture?


It all relates to the alignment settings for the Paragraph Styles. You’ve probably got the Staff Labels set to align on the left hand side; and the “inner” labels set to align to the right.

But that is exactly what I want, however, I want to control de space between the staff label and the inner label so that the space maintains the same throughout all score.

I’m sorry, Tiago, I’m not completely clear what you are trying to avoid. What is your desired appearance?

Hi Daniel, so, by not having a clear control of the space between the staff label and the inner label we are dependent on the largest staff label name and there is no equality between the pages. I don’t know if it was clearer. For me, and I think it is unanimous, the labeling of the score must be as much coherent as possible.
I’ll put images to be more clear of the diference there is in the pages.


Second image: (I can’t add more than one)


I’m sorry to say I’m still not clear what you are trying to achieve. Which of those two pictures represents what you want to see?

None of them, I want all the labeling to be the same throughout the score and not be depending on a bigger or smaller staff label name.

The best you can do is to specify Minimum indent for systems with staff labels on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options to a sufficiently large value to account for the widest staff label on all systems.

But that doesn’t affect the distance between the staff label and the inner label, that just moves all the things, and the staff, to the right…

Right, yes. Then I don’t think Dorico provides the control you’re looking for at present.

Two things not solvable in one night… what a bummer :confused:
Let’s hope it can be fixed in a near future.
Thanks Daniel!