Staff labels and bracketing in galley view

Hello - I’m writing large-ish orchestral scores, and loving the automatic condensing feature. (Awesome work!!) Because I’m using condensing, it makes most sense for me to work primarily in galley view so I can edit staves that are condensed. I’m used to being able to easily identify the staves by looking to the left and seeing them marked and bracketed, whereas galley view has the staff labels in a pale font in line with the staves, and they are not bracketed. It seems like it should be simple to include an option so that the full, clear, dark staff labels, along with the brackets, are always visible at the left side of galley view. This would be a simple way to make it much easier for me to orient myself in the score and avoid confusion. Would this be easy to include in a future update?

There’s a say that goes “each time someone says it’s easy to implement, a developer dies”… I learned that in this forum, and it’s been used quite a large number of times. Here it is once more :wink:
Nevertheless, your request is valid, of course. But don’t assume it’s simple :person_shrugging:


Point taken, I’m no developer. :slight_smile: If it makes any difference, I said it to indicate it’s not my intention to ask for the moon, not to indicate any sort of frustration with the devs.

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Not bracketed, but you can edit Paragraph Styles / Galley View Margin Labels to make them more prominent if you want.

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Thanks - yes, I had discovered this by searching the forums, and it does help some. The brackets are so helpful for me as visual cues to orient me, though, especially when dealing with a full orchestra.

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Yeah, Finale keeps the brackets in Scroll View and it certainly does help with orientation. This would be a nice feature for Dorico to have too.

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I guess that the bar lines join groups together as brackets would is less helpful than a prominent bracket would be in your case.

I don’t work much in Galley view, but I can sort of see your point.