Staff Labels Format

Hi all,
I’m trying to get my score staff labels to be formatted slightly differently. What I’d like it this (clarinet as example):

Clarinet in Bb

But what I’m getting is:

(1a) in Bb

Is there a way to toggle this without turning off the transposition and manually adding it back in?


Firstly, welcome to the Dorico forums.

Dorico’s automatic labeling doesn’t have that kind of flexibility. You’ll have to manually edit the name. Unfortunately, the Edit Name dialog doesn’t support the {@flat@} token or the insertion of Music Text feature added in v4. So, you’ll have to copy/paste a flat symbol into the name.

These are the key options available in Dorico 4 for positioning of transpositions in staff labels - but as it looks like you’re not using Dorico’s automatic instrument numbering (?) you may well need to handle this manually as Craig suggests.

I’ll try both ways, thanks!