Staff Labels in Condensing


I am having trouble relabeling the staffs after the instruments are condensed. I want the instruments not to say… for example… F Hon in F 1.2. I want it shown in the picture. The labeling is inconsistent in some areas, randomly. Does anyone know a way to fix this?
Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 3.11.52 PM

If you’ve edited your horn instrument names to have the “F” at the start, you might then need to hide the automatic transposition.

I have not edited the names!

Can you share a screenshot (or better yet, a project) that shows the staff labels as you have them currently, ie the ones you want to change?

first page bassoon staff label is what I want for all instrument groups

Ah, if you mean you want the numbers always stacked vertically, rather than in a horizontal row, you want this option.

(PS your bassoon names aren’t consolidating, have you overridden one of their names? They’ll only consolidate and show one instrument name for both 1/2 if the “Bassoon” part is exactly the same for both instruments.)

Yes I have overwritten their names! for some reason when they were condensing bassoon 2 was before bassoon 1, even when I switch the order in setup mode

This fixed it! you rock. thanks!

Had you got a custom player order set for the score? It might be worth investigating what was causing the erroneous score order so that you can correct that without overriding the instrument names unnecessarily. And you’re most welcome!