staff size

Is there a way to change staff size to something other than 100, 75, or 60?
Is there another way: I have a part that goes one line on to the second page, and I want to make it fit on one page.

Best way to fit your music in the page is to use “Make into frame” in Engrave mode. Select the first and the last notes of your desired page and click the button “Make into frame” on the left panel. If everything is too squeezed, you might want to change the Space size in Layout options, page setup

You can use a Layout Option to reduce staff size throughout a layout in relatively small increments.

Hi, how can I change a staff size of one of the line only? For example Piano part - normal size and and Violin part - smaller size. Both - in a same flow. In Sibelius I was just choosing some line and checking a box “small staff”.

I miss also totally in layout options some kind of preview. A main task for me preparing individual voices is to fit flows in to a page. I know - there is a tool for that. But sometimes I need to change slightly a staff size TILL (!) some all the notes will fill the last page. So opening layout options, experimenting with a staff size, pressing each time apply, close and doing so lots of times is not a most intuitiv way to work. Some preview showing changes in a layout options window would be for me a great improvement. I miss that option in Dorico which was perfectly solved in Sibelius.

To change the size of just one staff, select a note or rest in that staff, then right-click and choose Staff Size > 75% or 60%, depending on which size you want to use. You will be able to choose a custom staff size of any percentage scale in the next update.

The idea behind equipping the Layout Options dialog with an Apply button is so that you can leave it open as you work, and see the effect of a change as soon as you click Apply. We won’t be adding a preview into the Layout Options dialog.

Thank you Daniel, your answer was very helpful:)