Staff spacing adjustments

I imported an xml file with a keyboard part and a solo part. All staves were the same size, so I reduced the solo part. But the staff spacing didn’t change: the reduced staff stayed where it was, and in fact it is farther from the top line of the keyboard part than it was, because it was apparently compressed up from the bottom. How can I correct the staff spacing?

The values Dorico uses for staff spacing are found on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options. You cannot yet make individual adjustments to staff spacing, but this will be possible very soon, in Engrave mode.

Is that the panel labeled “Music Frame Margins”?

Music Frame Margins (on the Page Setup page of Layout Options, for those following along at home) determines the distance from the top of the music frame that the first staff line of the first staff in the first system will appear, and the corresponding distance from the bottom of the music frame for the bottom staff in the last system in the frame. (It occurs to me now that these two values should probably be on the Vertical Spacing page of the dialog, so we’ll probably move them.)

the option is in layout options which you can get to by going to Setup mode and right clicking the relevant layout. Took me awhile that one

Re: Possible (in future) to display Layout Options in Engrav
Postby Daniel at Steinberg » Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:21 am

You can also use the shortcuts to open Layout Options (Ctrl+Shift+L), Notation Options (Ctrl+Shift+N) and Engraving Options (Ctrl+Shift+E) from any mode.