Staff Spacing editing


I’ve a project, where all Page Margins are set to zero, because I need different Masterpage sets and also have to place some Text objects outside the music frames. One strange thing I have noticed, when working on staff spacing:
The boxes with the values between the staffs are now placed on the right side of the barlines and I can’t choose the boxes to enter values.
As I said: I only have this problem on this project with Page Margins set to zero. On other projects this works as expected.
Any suggestions?


I don’t think there will be anything you can do to influence how Dorico positions the edit controls for staff spacing, I’m afraid. There’s an assumption that the page margins won’t be zero.

I don’t mind the placement of the controls, but I would like to be able to input some values in the controls!
I am preparing a publication with fold-out pages and I have to indicate on the outside, which will be cut off, that this will be a fold-out page. Because I can’t have frames with negative values, I have to set the Page Margins to zero.

I don’t suppose there is a way to create oversized pages with cropping marks added for the print shop. ?