Staff spacing in write mode?

Hi everyone,

is there an easy way to manually change staff spacing in write mode, while entering music, just to better see what one is doing? Some way that doesn’t effect layout? I’m having lots of collisions making things difficult and it would be nice to just move staves up and down on a need-be basis…

Any hints?



If you are In Galley view you can change it in Layout Options


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Thank you Jesper!!
That helps a lot!

Still it would be nice to set this individually for one staff at a time (by just dragging a handle for instance) instead of changing the spacing for everything, but for the time being…

Thanks again!


Yes, I agree.


This is because Dorico does no collision avoidance or spacing calculations when you’re in galley view, keeping it running as quickly as possible.

Good point Lillie.


Totally fine, but all the more reason to have a handle to quickly move staves around…