staff spacing off

I exported a Sibelius file in music xml and opened in Dorico.
There were issues with placement of notes which I was able to solve.
However, there are times when the staves are too close together. Is there an easy way to fix this, apart from adding bars earlier in the score and re-entering notes or copying/pasting into the new section?

Have a look at Setup > Layout Options > Vertical Spacing

I’m having trouble with this too. Is there a simple way to reset to Dorico’s spacing defaults, as though I had engraved from scratch in Dorico?

I’m messing around with the numbers in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing, but I can’t seem to get it right.

Can you be more specific, or post a screenshot? If we could see what’s amiss, it would be easy to point you in the right direction.

Stuff like this is happening within systems:
Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 1.24.15 PM.png
Also, systems are clashing. Oddly, they clash less if I turn OFF automatic collision resolving, which I don’t understand. It would be great to have everything just reset to Dorico’s smart defaults and take it from there.

It’s almost certainly because your frames are over-full. Dorico can only do so much if there’s not enough vertical space.

Brittencellist, there is a discover Dorico online where John Barron explains Vertical spacing.
You should find that, counterintuitively, reducing the minimum distance under the option of collision avoidance to 0 could actually give you better results.

Great, thanks so much for the info.