Staff with no instrument


How do people approach writing simple exercises for one clef or grand staff?

Do you just pick an instrument written for that clef and then hide the instrument name? Or is there an option for a staff somewhere with just a clef and no associated instrument?

Just getting started with Dorico.



Hide the staff labels using Layout Options. See the attachment.

You can’t have a staff with “no associated instrument”, because if you had that, Dorico wouldn’t know how to play it - and telling Dorico how to play it would be the same as associating an instrument with it.


I guess I will just use piano, voice, or strings and then hide them.

You technically can have plain staves if you go into engrave mode and drag out a frame and choose to populate it with blank staves from the little drop down selector at the top of the music frame box. That said, it wouldn’t have a clef assigned to it. So depending on the context, it may be more useful to use the music frame option in engraving mode rather than the assign and hide approach. I’d guess for some worksheets it will end up being a combination of both.

thanks for the info. I’m trying that now. It seems like I need to have a player first to drag a frame out?

It keeps crashing when I try to add empty kit :frowning:

This is a known bug. See


ok so seems like with blank staves you can’t add any notes or cleffs or anything?

Yes, that is what the option is for. See the version 3.5 release notes, “Hollywood style parts” and “Blank staves,” pages 35-37.