'staggering' cursor since 5.5.3 update?

Has anyone else noticed this behavior. Hasn’t seemed to be an impact performance-wise beyond CLUNKY looking as the cursor ‘staggers’ across the screen on playback or record. None of my prefs have been changed. Solution?

OK - I turn OFF the TEMPO TRACK - and the ‘staggering - slo vid response’ goes back to normal. Given that - a solution (this is my template - I don’t want to have to rebuild this 150+ track beast.)

Oh - I just posted something quite similar! Seems that we are talking about the same thing.

We can’t be the only two with this HUGE issue??? How do I revert back to just prior to 5.3.3 This is really slowing down my work ‘when’ the tempo track is activated - which for me is 100 % of the time (I have to write orchestrated music that is printable - BUT - when the director hears it - it must sound as ‘live’ as possible - one thing to greatly help that is tempo track adjustments.