Stand alone

I have C7.5 and Halion 5, but I want to run Retrologue as a stand alone, but I can’t find retrologue.exe. I tried the trial of what I thought might be it, but when I tried to install the 64bit version(I am running everything 64bit) I wouldn’t install because the installer said it was already installed. Please hip me :confused:

Padshop and Retrologue are VST3-PlugIns. There are no Standalaone versions like Halion. You must use a VST3-Host (Cubase, …) to load it.


you can use this little host for vst2 or vst3 plugin :

Good idea Thanks

Aloha H,

What a great lil piece of software.
Thanks for that link.
A very nice and thoughtful piece of gear.

I have an older Mac running BootCamp/Win7 so I’ll give it a try.