Standalone audio output mapping

Hey all, I’m trying to figure out what I thought be relatively simple. Currently I have a MBA dedicated SOLELY to Halion and GA. Halion is assigned ouputs 1/2/3/4, and GA is assigned outputs 5/6/7/8. GA seems to work fine in standalone and sends everything to the Master left/right as expected, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to say, send the snare solely to output 7 or the HH to 8. When I assign them them in the mixer nothing seems to change.

Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

Figured it out – lots of different opportunities for confusion here, but basically I had to set the “Out” in the Agent mixer, but also ensure that the right outs were enabled, AND also had to ensure that my Focusrite interface had all of its outs assigned properly.

I appreciate the deep kit editing and effects, but I do wish there was a way to load up a ‘dry’ kit that was just close miced drums sent to individual outputs so I can effect/mix externally a little easier. The stereo channels are also a bit odd, but right now I have everything going into Kit Mix (Master L/R) and then my snare is going into Out 2 and my HH are going to Out 2 as well, but I pan those hard left and right so that they hopefully act as mono. To keep things sane I also have to disable room and OH mics, but this seems to mostly work. If I wanted to get full individual outputs It would likely be some variation of this as well, but I’m not sure I want to use up that many outputs.