standalone fisman app integration in Cubase 7

I play guitar and use a Fishman triple play for live performances using Cubase 7 and UR-44 with a high end laptop. The Triple play is a wireless midi guitar controller. Unlike Roland guitarsynths it is software based and it hosts it’s own softsynths.
Fishman offers it as a VST plugin but I does not integrate well in Cubase 7 and it raises the latency which I could not undo within Cubase.
Their standalone version works great while hosting the Spectrasonic Trilian Bass module. Here I achieve very low latency. I would much prefer to use the standalone version live, but I need to run Cubase simultaneously for the other musicians.
Can I use the standalone version (so not VST) simultaneously with Cubase 7 using the Yamaha/Steinberg Asio driver. Would it help to purchase an extra UR-12 to output the standalone fishman triple play app or are there better solutions?

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Hi and welcome,

You cannot use one ASIO driver for two software simultaneously, if it’s not multi-client ASIO (what Yamaha/Steinberg isn’t).

So, you need two audio devices, or at elast software emulation of the multi-client ASIO. I think, ASIO4ALL can emulate this. But the latency will increase then.