Standard Layout doesn't save as default

I have saved a Standard Layout, and made this the default. However, whenever I open a session it resets itself to something else, and I have to select my Layout in the menu to get this.

I must admit I am at complete loss as to what gets saved where and when. For some reason Wavelab always opens with a session which is not exactly what I had before, but something I had in an earlier stage of the project. I have more Tabs with opened Montages now, but I have to reopen them each time.

Also, when an where does the Master Area save in a project, or does it ever?

I really wished there was a manual… The help file is not much help.


In the upcoming 7.2, you will see a new (optional) startup screen.

I am not sure how that would help me (I usually disable startup screens).

I am wondering whether this is a bug, the layout I saved as default does not behave as a default.

Note: you must not confound Workspace layout (workspace menu), and General Window Layout (Global menu).