Standard vs Tube vs Vintage Compressor

Hi Fellow Cubase users,

I am trying to find out information on what the difference is between Cubase Artist 7.5’s Standard Compressor, Tube Compressor and Vintage Compressor. I understand how a bog standard compressor works but have no idea why Cubase gives the option of 3 different types.

On a similar note does anyone know of a reliable resource where I could find out what the various plug-ins/audio inserts/midi inserts in Cubase 7 do? I’ve played around with a lot of them, but a definite guide would be ever so useful.

Thanks in advance!

The Plug-in Reference manual which can be found under the help menu explains what each effect does. The only compressor that’s not explained is the VintageCompressor. This one is good for punchy compression and it can also be used like an old-school limiter.

Thank you Romantique that helps a lot. Now I’m wondering why my intuition didn’t take me there initially!