Standardize the unit of measurement

I noticed that if I want to space a staff or a group of staves, I have to use the distance in spaces (window on the right), but if I want to know how many spaces are actually and I go to the window on the left, these cannot be set as spaces.
Is there any way to change the unit of measurement and make them the same?
Thank you

ho notato che se voglio distanziare un rigo o un gruppo di righi, devo utilizzare la distanza a spazi (finestra a destra), ma se poi voglio sapere quanti spazi sono effettivamente e vado nella finestra a sinistra, questi non si possono impostare come spazi.
C’è modo di cambiare l’unità di misura e renderli uguali?

A “space” in Dorico is not an absolutely unit of measurement. It’s relative to the size of your staff.

To add to what Dan’s just said: using spaces for staff spacing would be really confusing if, for instance, you reduced the space size for a single system, or reduced the staff size of e.g. a cue staff or ossia staff.

But if I, for example, wanted the distance between one staff and another of 1.12 cm.
Considering that 1s is equal to 2.12mm, I would know that the distance at which I have to insert them is 10.12mm.
And so on the contrary.

Sure, but consider a situation such as a piano trio score where you may want the violin and cello staves to be at 75%.

If you were measuring in spaces, would you want Dorico to show the gap between the violin and cello staves based on their space size or based on the space size of the piano staves? What about the gap between the cello staff and the top piano staff?

But in that case I should have the ability to select which staves to space out from each other, which time is limited.
You know, I’m still tied to the distances that can be used with Finale, where each staff can be spaced independently from the others.
This is why it seems so difficult to understand.

Ma in tal caso dovrei aver la possibilità di selezionare quali righi tra loro distanziare, cosa che la momento è limitata.
Sai, io sono ancora legato alle distanze che si possono utilizzare con Finale, dove ogni rigo può essere distanziato indipendentemente dagli altri.
Per questo mi sembra così difficile comprendere.

You can always move individual systems, or select the handles for multiple systems, in Engrave mode to move them with Alt+up/down arrows.

Thanks to all for the valuable solutions.