Stardust Ft. Sabine [electro pop]

Stardust track 10 from look at the world.

I posted a mix earlier, this version contains re-recorded vocals through the Rode NTK.
Also tons of edits, not because it needed to, but I was just having fun with it.

It’s the happy song of the project, also an hommage to the electro pop but a more modern mix.

How it’s made:

drums Samples through GA one.
Bas Korg Polysix and MS20 VST (analogue edition)
Synths Korg Monopoly VST (analogue edition)

recorded and mixed in Cubase 5 with Cubase plug ins.
Additional mix plugins: UAD Pultec, Precision limiter, realverb pro.
Various FX Rob papen RP-delay and RP distort (newest additions, great tools)
tones2 Filterbank 3, white noise through filters.

I am fairly happy with this one, still if you hear any strange things or levels that can be more balanced please let me know!!

Also I want to wish all of you a great christmas and happy newyear :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Greetz Dylan.

Really nice mate, I remember when you first came to the forums you posted a batch and I said this was my favourite of the bunch. It still is :smiley:
The refrain is really cool, totally in love with that. I can hear the inspiration you got from using RP-delay and distort, I had exactly the same thing. Thanks again for pointing me to that offer :slight_smile:

Hello Dylan

Sounds very good here. Mot my kind of music but that doesn’t stop me appreciating it. :slight_smile:

Some new toys too eh?


nice job!!

Some new toys too eh?

Posted a thread earlier, did you catch that one?
Two Rob papen plugs worth of 98,- euro’s, now for just 12 :smiley:

Thank you for the comments!

Awesome thanks!