Starfall gemini - Desert

experiment with mix of VSTi and hardware setup.
Last 2 minutes just one real time take stereo , with a pad added later, montage and mastered in Wavelab.

Hey Peter, it’s lovely. I like the transition to the real-time take. What does Starfall Gemini indicate? Anyway, it sounds great, and I’m really enjoying this piece.

You indicated that you were watching the mastering essentials SoS videos, which use Wavelab. I watched them as well, and I’ve found them frustrating. Especially the last one. “Compression and Limiting”, and he never even shows us how he has set up limiting.

Thank you for listening again . I started the tune in the weekend there was a remarkable astronomic event. Many falling stars in the night sky due to a passing meteor cloud , it was situated in the gemini star configuration. Was not able to see it …cloudy…
Did not see the last episode of the SOS author, but you are probably right. You get spammed afterwards and they talk too much on these sort of channels.
The same problem occurred when I bought a 50 dollar course on blues on the Openstudio channel. The two guys on their keyboards play well but talk even better. In the end you’re left with an empty :balloon: balloon.
I recently reorganized my studio and am trying to mix my hardware synths with the cubase/ vsti setup I got. Sync the sequencers and drum machine from the computer and record the audio.
New idea’s and possibilities coming up .
You’ re OK ? Still possible to play with a band/ record?
Have a good Xmas and a healthy 2021.
Regards Peter

Sounds like a good studio setup. We’re all ok here, but there’s no band recording going on. In fact, the bassist from my longtime band passed away in September, so that band is pretty much done. He was a great player and friend. I’ll post an album by that band soon.

Best for the holidays and the new year, Peter.