Stars shining all around - acoustic pop (with video)

Hi everyone,

here is a recording (with video) I did in Nuendo:


Very nice song!

I was realy enjoyed by listen it.
Video also very creative and have a good feeling of sadness.
Good job!

Greetings from Barcelona!

great work…really enjoyed it!

Music is the only force that can cheer you up with sadness :wink:

Wow, that was beautiful. Truly enjoyed the music, and the video was wonderful. Thanks so much.

Thanks for the kind words Early21. Glad you like it.

loved it, i wanted it to go on and on ,very good . :smiley:

Agreed, this is very enjoyable, very nicely done! :slight_smile:

Thank you polar and Strophoid!

That’s so true - and this is such a great combination of music and visuals. Beautiful tune and beautifully put together.


Wow! That was really something to hear and see!

Very nice!

Great song and video!