Start at Left Loc doesn't seem to do anything

I’m trying to set up a recording where I only need to record within Cycle range, regardless of where I start. I set my cycle range, then set Recording position to “start at left loc”, re-record mode.

However it still records from the cursor position and not from the left locator. For it to record from left loc I have to set Auto Punch-in (I).

What I want is auto punch in and out without having to press I every time.

Try activating:

Transport / Punch Points / Lock punch points to Locators
Transport / Punch Points / Activate Punch In
Transport / Punch Points / Activate Punch Out

Transport / Common Record Modes / Start Recording at Left Locator Punch In position
Transport / Common Record Modes / Re-Record

Doesn’t it work if you just select auto punch in/out instead of re-record from the mode setting menu.
Unless you really are re-recording which I suspect you’re not. (Re-record is exclusively something that you can do while already in record…hit the record button again to start over basically)

Yep. In the light of what Grim says, in the settings above you would not need Re-Record mode. Unless you really do need re-record.