Start/End Markers paired?

We are finding that when we remove a marker from a montage, lets say an End marker, that the associated START marker is also removed. The reverse is also true. So they seem to be linked or paired together. This is not desired. I am not finding a preference for this. WL6 and earlier did not behave like this. Any insight would be appreciated, Thanks!

You must be using “CD Track Splice” markers which I personally always use but yes, they are linked in many ways.

You can change a CD splice marker to another kind by clicking on it in the special Markers tab. See the picture below.

Not exactly. Let me explain better:

  1. Start with two clips.
  2. Hit cd wizard to automatically attached Start & End markers (no Splice markers).
  3. Now remove the first clip’s End marker… BANG! the first start marker is removed as well.

I don’t want this, and I cannot find a way around this pairing.

I see. One quick solution I see is rather than trying to delete the first clip’s end marker, you could convert the end/start marker combo to a CD track start marker by opening that menu in the markers menu shown in the picture and selecting CD track start.

When I do this, the track end marker for the first clip is now gone and only a start marker for clip #2 (with the name of clip #2) remains in that spot.

Are you trying to delete the clip too, or just the marker? I guess more context of why you want to do this could help find the right solution.

I’m not crazy about it either and prefer how it was in WL 6, but I just delete end markers in the marker list now. That doesn’t remove the start marker.

Also, it seems to mostly be a problem if your clips are touching each other when you generate the markers with the CD wizard. If there is a space between the clips, and markers are generated (with splice marker de-selected, it seems that you can easily delete the end marker while keeping the next start marker.

It seems like there should be an option to detach end/start markers from each other. However, I think the best option may be to convert the linked markers to a track start marker which essentially deletes the track end marker.