Start issue "Basic and High COntrast Themes"

Hi everyone. I bought Elements 8 (version 8.0.35) and after Startup i get following error:“This Steinberg product does not support ‘Basic and High Contrast Themes’ on Windows operating systems. Please use one of the ‘Aero’ themes that you can set in the Windows Control Panel”

After shifting to default’s (!!!) Aero Themes, the error is the same. How to fix this?

My OS; Win7 x64
DirectX11 and WDDM 1.1 drivers i still installed.

P.S. In Elemets 7 this error is doesnt exist

I fixed it. The problem is in Color. My settings is 16-bit, so, Aero Themes are not worked with that. When i set 32-bit, and selected default Windows 7 Aero Theme, Elemets are started without any errors)