start record in Cubase

How to set start record in Cubase, by pressing a MIDI keyboard key or an external synth?

For example by setting up a generic Remote.

Maybe I have a bad English? Or is it a joke? The question was as follows: when you take the first chord or note, I want that would automatically be included in the recording Cubase. Is that a special question?

No, that was not the question. The question was how to start recording by pressing a MIDI key.

But you see, it’ s always a good idea to take some time to word the question correctlyy.

i think he means active sensing of midi input to automatically start recording. as far as i know cubase has not had that capability since Atari days.
On Atari you could externally clock from midi input. That would be a nice feature to bring back!!!

I haven’t the answer to your question, but I do suggest (if you haven’t already) you explore the potential of midi retrospective record. This is recording your input even when you are not recording, providing the track is record enabled.
Otherwise set punch in a couple of beats early?

I realized that Cubase does not have the ability to automatically start recording after receiving a MIDI event from an external instrument or a MIDI keyboard. Sadly.