Start recording at cursor position

Why does Cubase jump back to the start of the bar when pressing record if the cursor is at another point in the bar. I have “start recording at project cursor position” highlighted. I would just like to start recording at the point I have set by pressing the star key and without using punch in. Is this possible? I’ve looked on previous topics in the forum but not found a clear answer to why it does this and if it can be changed if needed. I was recording acoustic instruments with mics on a laptop with another musician who doesn’t use Cubase . While I was recording my parts it was easier just to get them to “press *” but then we had to think about the cursor jumping back to the beginning of the bar. I have Artist 11. Thanks

So I’ve discovered that I can record from the project cursor position within the bar if the count in on the metronome is turned off. However then the recording starts immediately with no count in. Is there a way to get a count in if the cursor is on a beat? So if I’m halfway through a 4/4 bar I get two clicks for example.


Yes, this is how does it work. If the Count In is enabled, or always jumps to the bar start.

Ok thanks Martin