Start Song via Midi using a Kemper Profiler

I want to start a song via Midi out from a Kemper Profiler.
I can change the Song with Programm Change from the Kemper slot buttons but I want to start it when hitting the “Tuner” Button. In the Midi Monitor it gives the following output: SysEx: 0xf0 0x0 0x20 0x33 0x0 0x0 0x1 0x0 0x4 0x40 0x0 0x0 0xf7
Do I have a chance to start a song with this Midi sequence?

Thank you in advance!

I tried it out, but I can’t see any possibilities to evaluate the SysEx message in VSTLive.
You can try to install a Midi Translator App (e.g. bome software Midi Translator) on your PC/Notebook to translate the SysEx message into a Controller message which VSTLive can easily receive and evaluate.

Cheers, Ron

We are looking into implementing sysex messages for Actions, currently this is not supported, sorry,

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That works fine. Thank you for the tip! I can translate the Midi to another Midi or - in my case- to the spacebar.