Start tuplets with a pause?

What is the best way to start an initial tuplet with a pause? At the moment I enter a note and then erase it - but this is not very elegant!

Once you’ve inputted the tuplet just hit Space. You won’t see a rest appear, but the caret will advance.

The same goes for inputting rests outside of tuplets.

If you are using pitch-first input, you can specify what the tuplet value is, rather than waiting to input the first note. Just enter “3:2q” in the popover and Dorico will create a quarter note tuplet for example.

Thank you very much!

The problem I still have is that the caret advances in regular values, not in tuplet values. What are the steps to produce a quarter-note-triplet starting with a pause?

When one creates the triplet, Dorico filles in the rests to help one navigate.


If @pianoleo’s method does not suit you, just create your triplet, enter regular notes, then delete the first one.

The problem was that I filled in 3:2 instead of 3:4q which solved the problem!

Well, that explains it. But why would you use a 3:4 tuplet? That is not the proportion people expect when they see a triplet.

Sorry - I meant 3:2q ! The letter „q“ makes the difference.

Tuplets use the note duration currently selected in the Notes panel (on the left) if you don’t specify a note value in the popover. If you specify a value in the popover, that’s what’s used as the basis of the tuplet.