Start typing to create group name

hi guys!

im not sure if there is a way to do this:

When i create a group, i always have to click on the name field to name a group.

Would it be handy dandy if we (after shortkey for creating group) could just start typing to name and create the group? Wasnt it like this in CB12?

So when the “create group window” appears, the textbox (Enter Name Here) is already selected so we can just give it a name and hit enter?

The reasing i ask this, is because i create groups with shortkeys, and the option to “type to name to create” will safe a lot of time.

PRO TIP for other users:

I use the shortkey “Add Track To Selected: Group Tracks” in the shortkey menu.
Now, just selecting a couple of tracks and hitting this shortkey is connecting these tracks to a new group super fast!

Hope this helps :slight_smile: