Start-up error in Elements 8

Hi all,
I have just encountered the attached error when starting up Cubase Elements 8. I haven’t changed anything in the system. I moved my PC to the other room yesterday to record some stuff, and it worked fine then. Now, kicking it up at it’s previous spot with everything plugged in, I get this orror.
Cubase Elements 8 error.jpg
It asked me to choose between the generic ASIO driver or teh M-Audio Fast Track driver at start up of Cubase (which it hasn’t done before). THen, when it tried to boot up, it gets stuck at the “Video File Handling” loading screen.

Win 7 64-bit
i5-6600 @3.30GHz
16g Ram

Any assistance would be fantastic, as I’m in the middle of writing an album.



Managed to get the driver selection pop-up again, and selected generic driver. This allowed me to get into Cubase, but it brings up an error whenever I select the Fast Track driver. It then reverts back to the generic driver once I exit the driver selection screen.

This is getting stupid now…