Start Voice... Force duration... Rest ?

Easy to start voice in the middle of no where !
But at the beginning it looks tricky !

I would like to have no rests at the beginning of the score !

Score, without both Metric and bar line, just continuous music line starting from no where wich stop when they are done !

attached picture…
Capture d'écran 2016-12-12 11.13.39.png
(If needed I can make the File available…)

It looks that -Force duration, and -Start voice, make me confuse about Rest (at least at the beginning of the piece !
(I figure than picking up a rest and make it «start voice» must «HIDE» all Rests before! …Supposed to do that, no?)

So any advices and «how to proceed» to achieve that will be appreciated. (is it so tricky?)


I am wondering… Did you input the rests you want to get rid of, with Force duration On ? In this case, it would be logical that they do not disappear. If you do not input them, but let Dorico do it (placing the caret at the right point) then choosing your Start voice should solve the problem.

I’m afraid that at least one voice on each staff will always be padded back to the start of the flow, so you can’t use the ‘Starts voice’ property to meet this need.

Of course Daniel is right… I did not even see that ^^
Nevertheless, the “colour/transparency” workaround should work, if this is really the result that is seeked, shouldn’t it ?


Thank you Daniel,

Is there a way to make them invisible ?
Could be useful…
…even if its unusual.


Have you tried the workaround I was referring to ? In the properties panel of the rest, there is a “colour” option, you click it and then you move opacity all way to the left. I think you’ll have to make sure you print the score in colour mode, not grey mode.