starting a new flow on the right page duplexing printing


Is it possible to start new flows on the right page (odd page number) when automatic duplexing printing. I would like each flow to be “detachable”, so that I don’t get the 1st page of Flow 2 printed on the back of the last page of Flow 1 (leaving the last page back blank if necessary).

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There’s no automatic feature for this, Carlos, but you should be able to insert a blank page in the right spot in Engrave mode by right-clicking on the Pages panel at the top of the right-hand panel and choosing Insert Page, then choose to use ‘None’ as the master page (i.e. don’t base it on any of the existing master pages).

Question about this, Daniel. Is there any particular reason it might be better to create a “page turn” master page and then insert a master page change at that page, so there are no page overrides?

My question really is a question: how do you think about page overrides in this case, and is there any benefit in avoiding them where possible?

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I can’t think of any particular reason to prefer one over the other in this case. Obviously if you want to actually include something like “This page intentionally left blank” on the blank page, then using a master page will be better, but otherwise there’s nothing to be gained either way: either the override or the master page change will be bound to the specific index in the layout.

I’d love to see a future layout option in Dorico that forces each flow to start on an odd numbered page – thus auto inserting blank pages as needed between flows. I’ve been workshopping a broadway musical production this week – we’ve got 17 songs (flows) printed as a 145 pg double sided booklet to start, cast of 14 performers. Throughout the week, songs have been edited, moved around in order, the overall page count changes, etc. I’m re-printing single pages or entire flows with updates for everyone as needed and the back side page of even paged flow starts is a continuous logistical problem for me. Please consider adding this feature! Thanks.

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Additionally, it is customary in musical theatre readings and workshops, for the performers to insert their single sided script pages (dialogue) Into their score booklets in between songs (flows). And because of this, the last page of a flow (if printed in duplex) may get orphaned in the shuffle (if printed on the back-side of an even-paged next flow start for example!)

A “start each flow on an odd numbered page” feature would ensure this never happens, and still allow duplex printing of music, which is so important to the performers onstage (and music director), as it effectively eliminates 50% of the total page turns required.

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I agree. I just don’t know whether I can expect this feature’s coming to Dorico 4.

+1 from me Daniel!

I’ve got a project going that consists of pieces I will use every year during the holidays, but will need new pieces interspersed every year. I can manually add pages to the parts so they start consistently, but it would be much better to have a setting to do it automatically.