Starting Cubase 7 Trial


Hoping there is a quick fix for this, as I’m quite baffled.

I bought a copy of Cubase Artist 7 and upgraded it to 7.5.x

I’m currently working on exporting some tracks for mixing in someone else’s studio and thus it would be hugely helpful to do batch exports. For this, I need the full version of Cubase 7. Luckily, my purchase came with a one month trial. So I went into the eLicense Control Center and added my serial # to successfully start the trial period of Cubase 7.

That seemed to have gone swimmingly, but now I don’t know how to open Cubase 7 instead of Artist. It appears that I have 7 installed on the machine and it’s a matter of licensing which runs. But perhaps that’s untrue and I need to download and install the full version separately?

I would really appreciate any help. Cheers.