Starting in the middle of a part problem.

If a start playing before a part, no problem, it sounds correct. If I start in the middle of a part, the first time is fine, after that, the volume drops. I can put nodes on the automation parameters at beginning of the part and it doesn’t make any difference. I’m using 6.05 on a Mac Pro. I’ve had this problem on previous versions.

Aloha B,

I think I know what you mean but I am not sure.

@ the Cubase mods. (this is more of a forum question)

Perhaps we could have a forum like the ‘Made with Cubase’ forum
only this new forum would be a place where users would post
short audio clips of problems they are having.

That way other forum members could not just read a post
but could also get to also ‘hear’ what
the problem is and offer suggestions to help.

Maybe even post short videos.

Just a thought.

Good idea, mate!

Is this on all Projects or just one? Do you use a particular Template?
Maybe there is some Volume automation present that you haven’t seen?

Is it a MIDI part or an Audio Part?

If it is a MIDI part, you may be having a chase problem.
If it is audio, you could have an automation mode problem.

I’ve been working on one project for some time so I can’t say if it will happen on other projects. It seems to get worse as the project gets larger.

It’s a problem in midi. I don’t do much with audio.

Aloha Babe

For me with MIDI probs like this, the ‘List Editor’ is a major help.

If it is not a MIDI chase prob like JMCecil posted,
it will be in the List Editor.
(there is no where else for MIDI info to hide)

Also check for what I call: ‘MIDI Leakage’;
which is controller info coming from a different track but
(accidentally) set to the same MIDI channel as another track.

This type of oversight can crop up when working with very large
MIDI projects.

Just throwing out some ideas here Babe.
Hope you get it all sorted.