starting mode


  1. If I run cubase and after I open or create a project ==> no problem

  2. If I double-clic on a .cpr when cubase is opening : waves and Play (EastWest) plugs doesn’t recognize the ilok and Duende SSL native plugs doesn’t recognize Codemeter (USB dongle) … ?!

Any Ideas ?



Do your USB ports work ok with MIDI devices, mixers, and soforth?

You should probably run a test on your USB ports such as that with the loopback software. It is possible that Cubase is screwing something up, but I would check that your ports aren’t being finnicky first. :wink:

USB ports work fine. But it’s really different when I start by the .cpr file.

Yesterday ok it was little special because I added an USB key that I unplugged during the cubase starting so that explains why it was wrong maybe.

Today I make another test, by .cpr I double-clic, all is right for waves plug and Play (EastWest) plug. But SSL duende plug is not recognized and cubase sets ‘Asio direct-x’ drivers instead of my ‘ASIO SCOPE’ drivers !!! and it’s present in the list of drivers ! raaaaaa there is some pb with that starting mode …

When I start cubase first all is always ok.

I think I know the solution to your problems.

Start Cubase first :nerd: .

ha ha :unamused:

I have THE solution …

.cpr are associated with cubase 32 instead of cubase 64 :mrgreen:

I just must change that :exclamation: