Starting up Cubase 9.5 LE: no monitoring sound (please help)


I am new to music production and experience a start up problem with getting sound sent back to my headphones (don’t use external monitors at this time).

I get an input signal to Cubase when using my midi device (Novation Launchkey 49) and I also get a signal when connecting a condenser microphone (Røde NT1-A) to my audio interface (Audient iD14). I can perform a recording and I see that there is a waveform in the track where I recorded audio with the microphone. I also see that Cubase records my midi-inputs when I record that. The problem is I have not at this time received any output sound to my headphones. No sound at all.

The headphones are connected to a designated headphone jack directly into the audio interface, made for the purpose of monitoring.

I am operating in Windows 10 and have set up my audio interface’s drivers under the path Studio, Studio Setup, VST Audio System and chosen the correct driver for my interface. I have also checked my input and output buses in Studio, Audio Connections and I have made sure that the inputs are using my interface’s corresponding channels for in and out. My audio interface has two preamps so I tried both setting using two mono input channels, one for each channel and also tried a stereo input using the two channels for left (Analogue 1) and right (Analogue 2). For the output I set the same channels for left and right.

After having added an instrument track, chosen the HalION Sonic as my instrument and chosen a random plugin for it I clicked on the edit channel button to make sure that the output is sent to Stereo Out. Still there is no sound. Clicking the monitor button next to the record button for the channel does not produce a different result when playing a playback with the channel armed or disarmed, and I also can’t hear anything when I press the keyboard when playback is not running. I have checked the MixConsole and none of the channels are muted, and the mixers meters in the stereo output when I run a playback.

When looking at my audio interface’s app for channel settings I also see here that the interface receives a signal from the mic, and it also has active metering when I playback for instance the instrument track or the microphone track.

My conclusion is that there is some erroneous setting for my output signal and I feel absolutely clueless. I spent the entire day yesterday watching tutorials and have tried everything, but still no sound. Can someone please help me troubleshoot this so that I can create some music? I would truly appreciate any help.

Best of regards,
Nidus (Simon)

1st post… Welcome! :slight_smile:

Tough to assist because your description for how you set up your interface I/O busses in Cubase seems to be correct. Screen shots would help us to confirm though.

So… a few things to check and know…

  • In Cubase the track monitor function should be enabled during recording and disabled for playback.
  • Make sure the track record enable function is disabled during playback.
  • Your interface software has a setting for getting audio out to the headphones. See the attached link and look under “Audio out” instructions.

  • Also… your interface may have an issue with Windows 10. So make sure you have the latest driver and the latest mixer software installed.
  • Know that your interface has volume controls in the software mixer and rotary knobs on the interface
  • Lastly… look at this link to see if it is contributing to your issue.

Feel free to supply a few screen shots of your I/O audio connections if none of this leads to a resolution.

Good luck. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:


Thank you so much for the help! The issue has been resolved. I was previously recommended by the retailer to buy AUDIOFLY AF240 as studio headphones (which were also on sale), but it turns out they are not compatible for receiving a normal stereosignal when using an adapter jack. There is a microphone in the cable that came with the headset, but I am not sure if this is why it didn’t work because I switched to a regular cable and the same problem persisted. Apparently those headsets use some kind of technology that works good on smartphones, but ruins amateur musician’s week if they happen to buy them in ignorance for music production… The guy at the store (not the same as the one who sold it to me) had never heard of such a problem).

I traded them in for some really comfortable Beyer DT880 headphones. Have barely done anything else, but tweak sounds, play and record this weekend. Feels good!

But thank you so much for putting down the time to respond, Prock! And if someone wants to give it a shot to explain why these (Audiofly AF240) headphones can’t be used for monitoring I’m interested!

regards, nidus