starting with a "free" bar number ?

Hello, I dont know exactly how to describe what I need… I want to start a project not in bar 1 but in bar (f.e.) 87. Is there a possibility to enter a free chosen bar number as the start for a project?

A bit unprecise…

Yes, select the note or rest at the start of the bar, and choose Edit > Bar Numbers > Add Bar Number Change. German-language documentation here.

Thanx a lot, and does that work somehow with the rehearsal marks A, B, C… as well?

Rehearsal marks have an “index” property in the bottom panel. A = 1, B = 2, Z = 26 etc.

I am really sorry, but I can’t find

Taktzahländerung hinzufügen

in the Taktzahlen menu as described here:

There are only:
Horizontal position
Anzeigen und Ausblenden…

is it hidden somewhere?

Rehearsal marks have an “index” property

That worked fine. Thank you.

But unfortunately the other problem is still unsolved… :question:

works for me (german version)

Edit: works both with right click context menu as well as “Bearbeiten > Taktzahlen”. You were describing the options of Layout-Options.
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A thank you!