Startup Project Notes

I would definitely use and appreciate a notes/notepad pop up when opening a project.
Somewhere I could note the next steps I have to take with the track or something I want to fix before final mixdown…
Even for noting which plugins you have need to change over sampling on before final mix.
Lots of potential uses for this feature!!

Many times and for many reasons we have to stop working on a project long before it is complete. Interruptions, jobs, family, life, sleep, etc… You know, the regular distractions from creating music! :wink:

Having a notes pop up when we open a project would simplify the process of documenting what we are to do next with a project… Especially so for those times when we don’t get back to a project for several weeks or months.

I’m thinking just a general notepad pop up window - like the track notepad or something, that auto opens if there is anything noted in it when you open a project and stores with the project files.

Each channel already has a notes field. You need something different from that?

Or maybe you mean something like Melda’s freeware Mnotepad (

Yes… I DO, which is exactly why I posted the suggestion.

There already is a global Notepad for each CPR.

It does not pop up when you open the CPR, but Ctrl-N does the job for me.

Thanks. I’d totally missed that one!