'State of Mind ' Reloaded

This isn’t music , this is a

‘State of Mind’
Sorrowful down tempo , gothic style .
Cubase Halion 6 and GA5 used , no other instruments were harmed .

Please let ,me know about the clarity of the top end , old ears fading fast this end


@FilterFreq, I really like this ‘State of Mind’. A kind of curious, ambiguous state that attracts us. I got caught up in this strange atmosphere. It’s very successful, very interesting and beautiful creativity.

You don’t have to worry about your old ears. I listened to this a few times in my work room, not particularly processed to eliminate any acoustic issues and it sounded great.

Everything is well balanced and well spaced out, the bass (Kick) has a nice depth and the treble is by no means aggressive. In my opinion, the mix is very well done.


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Thanks Rene_L for your lovely comment . This is very well received . The project was rather out of my comfort zone but it was a pure state of mind .
To have the instruments to create precisely the sounds you imagine with todays technology still completely blows me away .

Thanks for great comment :heart: :+1:

Just listened to this, and I generally agree with what Rene already said. Am I correct in understanding that you don’t have an actual singer on this? In any case, the voice was cool and added an element that brought both melody and mystery. I don’t think it would’ve worked as well without it.
Good luck wth this and the rest of your music.

Thanks for the input and your right , the vocals are syhow cased ,hence having sooo much space and everything else evolving around them , im just in love with her voice and they just fitting in perfectly to the drums that i started the day before .
No singer , just licence cleared samples time stretched to suit

Very intriguing and pleasant to hear.
Keep up the good work! :+1: