State of new Remote Controller API / Functionality

Hi, can we read something about the state of the promised new RC-API/new RC-Editor or so?
Will we have to wait for Cubase 12 to have it? Or will it not even THEN be implemented?
Will there be a 11.5?
Thx, Ernst

See this post:

Hm, well… I saw this thread but i did not find any information about the new Remote Controller API - am I missing something?
I am honestly worried that Steinberg could have decided not to deliver this important thing with the next Cubase Version…that would be a huuuuge disappointment.

I would be happy to share the info with you, but the beta tester nda prevents me from doing so.

OK, steve J.

Thank you – and I appriciate your correct behavior!


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When Cubase 12 is released, would a user located at say 38⁰ degrees latitude still wear heavy surcoats? Can you answer that?

Sorry, need more info. Latitude north or south? Firmware version of your telescope?

North. Skywatcher EQ 3, not running the motors, just twisting the R.A. now and then. The user is also frequently cold, would prefer to sleep in their slippers if they could.

Well, slippers are not supported, and never were. But they should keep the users feet warm anyway. You should try the latest Steinborg V.S.T. (Virtually Stupendous Telescope), it really goes far.

er… ack. I thihnk I’m in the wrong forum… need my glasses

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Thank you guys for your helpful postings which indeed conribute to the quality of the forum . I am impressed and grateful.

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I was shocked about the senseless information in this thread… :scream:
but to read it till the end put a smile on my face :grinning:

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