(Stati d'animo)...


This is first song of a concept album called “Stati d’Animo”. It’s a journey into all the feelings we can feel in a day.
This is a mix in progress, made before final mastering, it’s produced, played, singed and mixed by me.
The guitar ia a Yamaha Pacifica 112J processed with a Digitech RP360X.
The Piano (acoustic and electric), the strings and the Church Organ are made with a Nord Electro 6D.
The voice are recorde with a Behringer C1 through the Steinberg UR28M.
All the synth lead are made with VST.
Drum is made with EZDrummer 2
Bass guitar is made with MODO BASS from IK Multimedia.
I used Cubase 10 Pro for recording, processing and mixing (using third party plugins as Waves CLA and Maserati).
Enjoy it and all your criticisms and suggestions are wellcome.

I quite liked it. However, the heaviest guitar sounds appear a bit too heavy to me in the context of the whole piece.

This is quite the adventure, I really like the variety. My favorite part was that breakdown towards the end, with the lush pads and synth lead. Vocals sound almost too bright when they are on, or maybe just too loud, but they don’t seem to fit when the drums come back in. You have a super punchy bright snare, but I can barely hear the kick! Maybe if you sidechain the bass to your kick you can bring the levels of both up together. Other than that I think the mix is getting to a good state. Quite progressive for sure, enjoyed the track!

Thanks to both of you.
Sidechain the bass is a trick that i hadn’t thought of.