Static screen in Edit Window

I don’t know what I set or unset, back when I was working out the MIDI rec arm problem. But now my edit window has become static. The auto-scroll works when it’s playing . But I can’t get the screen to update when I jump around to different locate points.

So, I’m on bar 4 and I jump to bar 28. The screen used to follow the cursor and take me to bar 28. It’s stopped doing that and I need to know what to re-set to re-gain that function. I couldn’t find anything in prefs, transport or project settings. Where else should I be looking? :question:

C’mon guys, where’s the “screen follows cursor” selection?

Hi Keyplayer:

Just turn Auto-Scroll on .

It IS on! That’s the point. The screen shows the cursor moving during playback. But it has stopped updating when it’s not in play back.

Look. This shows the cursor at Bar 3 with Auto-Scroll on.
Nuendo 6_Auto Scroll on BAR 3.jpg
Now, I’ve hit Number 2 on the keypad to jump to the end. It now say’s I’m at Bar 160. But the Edit window is still showing Bar 3!
Nuendo 6_Auto Scroll on BAR 160.jpg
The edit window SHOULD have jumped to Bar 160. But it didn’t. How do I get THAT function back?

Hit “Transport” and see if " edit mode is selected. If it is, de-select and try to jump again.

Yep, that did it! :mrgreen: I was just getting ready to show you the screen print showing that the cursor was only showing at the very top of the edit window.
Nuendo 6_Auto Scroll on BAR 6_Cursor Obscurred.jpg
Then I saw your reply and sure enough it was the Edit mode. THANKS A LOT! :sunglasses:

U R Welcome!