Stationary cursor alway stationary

  • Stationary cursor: on
  • Suspend autoscroll when editing: off (or on, it doesn’t matter)

Let’s say I stop Play at bar 100: the cursor then stands still at bar 100, in the middle of the Project window.
Now, I grab the horizontal scrollbar and scroll to the right. Consequently, the project cursor scrolls to the left, until it gets out of the Project window.

What I’d like instead is: when I scroll the horizontal scrollbar to the right , then the Project cursor remains still in the middle of the Project window (actually scrolling to the next bars, given that the project bars, at the same time, move to the left).

I think that should/would be the default/more logical behavior. The other way (of course useful as well in some instances) should be the non-default behavior, selectable through preferences or whatever.

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Agreed that the cursor should stay in the middle of the project window. I would probably use this function more often if it worked like the OP described.

I wonder if this is because the “Suspend auto-scroll when editing” function really does not seem to be working as intended. In “Page Scroll” or “Stationary Cursor” mode, as soon as the cursor moves off the screen auto-scroll is suspended. This happens no matter if “Suspend auto-scroll when editing” is chosen or not.

Seems goofy to me. :unamused:

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