Stationary Cursor while recording


As in Cubase, is it possible to have in stationary mode, that is, the cursor slide the window when the cursor crosses the right edge?
In Cubase as you see we have

stationary cursor.

On mine, it doesn’t show the cursor, to do this, Cubasis need to shift/slide the project window/ruler horizontally to the left. This is useful when you are recording a longer melody.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood your question but the cursor follows the song by default, or at least it should.

I’m sorry

I meant when recording.

Ok, but I’ve just pressed the Record button in C3 and the cursor follows the song position🤔

Got you! Just realised what you mean by Auto-Scroll. Thought I must be missing something. Apologies.

Not on mine. When it crosses the right edge of the project/arranger window, It doesn’t show anything! I just edited my Question.

Misunderstanding. In my last post I meant that I understood what you meant, i.e. that the screen didn’t auto-scroll to show the cursor when the end of the arrange page is reached. Its probably worth filling in an official bug report, but I guess you’ve considered that already. Sorry I can’t help more.

Here is a video showing exactly what I mean.


Does anyone know a solution to this? It behaves the same in Playback!

Hi Chikitin,

Thanks for your message.

Does anyone know a solution to this? It behaves the same in Playback!

Please make sure to enable the Follow Song button.

Hope that helps!

Enjoy making music,

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