Statistics window appears in weird postition

in Cubase 6 the Statistics window is shown right in the middle of the whole workspace which in my dual-display system means exactly “on the edge” of the monitors - this is weird, hardly readable and I always have to move it manually to be able to read the data correctly. In older versions (Cubase 5, SX3) this Statistics window is shown in the
middle of the monitor (see the screenshots).

Can anybody confirm this behaviour?
Cubase 5.jpg
Cubase 6.jpg

Not on Mac. On Mac, it is in the middle of main window. It looks, Cubase 6 works little but different with workspace on Windows, than Cubase 5 worked.

If you tell me how to call this Statistics window, I’d give it a shot and see where it appears…

Select (or right-click) audio event -> menu Audio -> Statistics

It’s the same here…

OK, just checked, and the window appears in the middle of the Cubase main window. In my case that’s a bit off center on the left screen, since my Cubase main screen is stretched over half of the right screen.

Could you make a screenshot, please?

I’m not at the studio right now, but already had a screenshot up. The Statistics window in this picture would be touching the play line with its left edge, give or take… See here.

I get it - as I expected it would appear right in the middle of the whole Cubase workspace; as I have it stretched over the whole dual-monitor layout (e.g. from the very left to the very right) I get it exactly on the edge of my displays.