Status bar selection info textbox width problem

Sometimes the width of the texbox in the status bar that displays information about the current selection
is not sized correctly, at least for the german localization, the string does not fit and shows “…” ellipsis.
This seems to happen in a) big scores b) when you select a note somewhere and then call in the edit menu expand to flow end.

That will be because the bar number text is ending up very long. What kind of selection do you end up with, in terms of the numbers of the bars, when you select to the end of the flow?

Daniel, this happens in English, too. The bar number range will correctly display a selection as long as there are no more than 6 characters in the range string (counting the hyphen), such as 95-120. Once the selected range contains 7 characters (such as 125-150), or more, the range displays as an ellipsis, even though the rectangle allocated for the bar range appears to be big enough to display 7 or more characters.

OK, thanks – I’ll look into this.