Status of Waves + jBridge/shell2vst + VST3 Sidechaining

So, at of the top of 2012, from what I’ve experienced and I’ve been reading:

  1. If I want to use Waves plugins in Nuendo 64-bit, I have to either use jBridge or convert the Waveshell into separate plugins using shell2vst.

  2. However even if I do this, VST3 sidechaining will only work with Waves plugins if I use them in a 32-bit VST3 capable host, as neither conversion technique will convert to VST3 for 64-bit.

  3. The only way VST3 sidechaining will ever work with Waves plugins in a 64-bit host is if Waves ever gets their act together and offers proper 64-bit versions of their plugins.

Is this correct? Thanks.

Hmmm. So perhaps no one is using Waves plugins with Nuendo? :wink:

At any rate, in considering how to handle 32-bit and 64-bit plugins, and that my workflow depends more on VSTis than recorded tracks and that I need my VST3 sidechains for Waves, I’ve come to the conclusion that at this time it seems to make more sense to me to run Nuendo 5 32-bit and jBridge all my sample-based VSTi’s, even if 64-bit, for the extended RAM that allows me to use. Going the other way would require me to jBridge (or VSTBridge) a very large number of plugins AND my Waves plugins, plus I’d lose all the native VST3 sidechain support which I also use… mind you I don’t know if the N5 native VSTBridge supports VST3 when bridging.

It’ll require a breakdown of my various plugins in a several folders to uniquely load them into the various hosts, but it should work as long as jBridge supports the samplers correctly and reliably.

I’d be interested in hearing of anyone having gone down this road. Thanks.

Until Waves goes 64 bit I’m stuck primarily in Nuendo32 and bridge some of the 64bit VSTi into it.

All of your points are true. Unfortunately.

Same here… :imp:

This is really sad considering that Waves makes spend some money to keep yourself update but they only upgrade thir fame.


Same boat here too. Waves seem to be the only ones from my plug in makers who aren’t yet in 64 bit (and that seems to include the freeware ones too).

I have had to dual boot my pc just because of Waves (actually saying that is it right that rewiring Reason to Nuendo will not work in 64 bit either?)

UAD is NOT 64 bit yet, neither is URS, Soundtoys or Abbey Road (not to mention my poor discontinued Powercore stuff that I paid so much money for!) - that covers most of what I use outside of a couple of Voxengo and Steinberg plugs. I’m really perplexed as to why people ONLY complain about Waves not having their 64 bit stuff ready when most of the others are not there yet either.

And why must you dual boot because of Waves? Everything I have runs great on Win 7 64 using the 32 bit versions of the DAW’s. It is only when you are running a 64 bit DAW that bridging 32-bit plugs causes problems.

Just last week at NAMM Waves did say that the V9 release will happen very soon and it will include 64 bit as well as not requiring an ilok…all good news.

What he said (especially re: Powercore :unamused: ). And little point bridging the plugs - I bridge the 64-bit VSTIs and 1) most work pretty well and 2) that’s where you get the memory bang for the buck out of 64-bit.

That said, it will be nice to say goodbye to jBridge for all but the stragglers…