Stave Alignment question

Is there a way to make the staves on the last page align with the penultimate page. I am playing around with the layout options but I only seem to get the two options shown.
Is this something I have to do manually? That would be kind of a pain.

If you change note spacing or system breaks on the final page to create another system, they should line up fine.

The easiest way is to grab the bottom of that last-page music frame and drag it up until the staves snap to fill. Try it!


Dan’s advice is the best way. But, do it as a last step as it will create a Page Override which will lock it’s state and prevent any setting adjustments from taking place.

The difference between the two versions of p5 is caused by vertical justification: in the first picture, systems on p5 are vertically justified (= spread out across the height of the music frame on that page); in the second picture, they are not.

When systems are not vertically justified, the gap between them comes from the setting in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Ideal Gaps.

So in addition to the suggestions above, you could try increasing the minimum gap between systems for the layout such that unjustified pages look similar to justified pages, although be aware that this might cause casting off changes elsewhere in the layout (i.e. Dorico might recalculate previous pages with the larger minimum gap between systems and decide only 3 systems should fit on them, when previously 4 did).