Stave is split - any ideas what happened?

Hello. I have been working on this score for a while so I’m sure I did something wrong to cause this. In several places some staves are split (see image). Also handles appear in more than one place on some staves. Any ideas how to rejoin these staves and/or eliminate the extra handles? All info appreciated.

The red handles on the left indicate that the staff spacing has been fiddled with manually. My guess is that the casting-off then changed at some point so there isn’t a system break at 101 anymore. Marquee-select all the red handles and hit Delete to restore the default spacing.

If that doesn’t work, try closing and reopening the program to see if the screen redraws.

@hrnbouma - thanks Hugo. Engrave Mode > Engrave > Staff Spacing > Reset Layout indeed corrected the split staff. Thank you. However I cannot find a solution to eliminate the additional handles at the ends of bar 108, 109 etc. and am afraid that as I do my engraving the staves will split again. Any ideas?

@hrnbouma PS - all signposts are on and visible and no System Break is indicated at the problem points.

As long as the handles are blue, auto-spacing as specified in Layout Options will take care of it. The reason the handles appear there is because that’s where an instrument change happens, so there’s technically a new staff starting there which can have its own spacing overrides attached to it. This is what caused the ‘split’ in the first place, too.
Also, it’s unsurprising that you see no System Break signposts at the “problem points”—firstly, Reset Layout would get rid of them, and secondly, they don’t need to be explicit to cause this issue. A system break is just the place where a new system starts.

As far as Dorico’s concerned, the Cr. Cymbal and Sus. Cym. staves are two separate staves. At some point you manually adjusted the staff spacing of one of these staves, but only one of these staves. I’m not sure whether Dorico will automatically glue the two staves back together if, having reset the staff spacing, you close and reopen the project, but that would be worth a shot.

Otherwise it’s just a case of ensuring that if you later need to adjust the staff spacing manually, you adjust both staves by the same amount.

Thanks, @pianoleo . I think that may be it. However I cannot figure out how I was able to move just one of the staves. If I view all staves in Galley View I cannot move any staves. When I switch to Engrave Mode Dorico jumps to Page View. I figure I’m missing something simple. All ideas appreciated.

Chances are you moved a stave before there was an instrument change there.

So I think my solution is going to be to delete the player and his three staves, create a new player and reenter the part. Does that sound feasible to you?

I don’t see what that’s going to fix, aside from removing probably all Manual staff spacing adjustments you’ve made (and you can do that from the Engrave - Staff Spacing menu if you so wish).

When you proof before printing, just ensure that there aren’t any weird splits like this, and fix manually if there are.

But that’s the problem. I cannot correct the split. When I grab the handle at the split it also selects the staff handle at the beginning of the page. When I move it both move. I am missing something simple, I’m sure.

Can you not select the red staff spacing handle and delete it?

This is what happens when I do that - it resets just fine - the split appears mended, but there are still two (now blue) handles within about two or three bars of each other. However (and thank you thank you, sir) this appears to be workable. Sorry for any confusion or misunderstanding.
Thanks to @pianoleo @hrnbouma and @Derrek for all of your help.